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munyaradzi-hotoMunyaradzi Hoto – SVP of Digital at Idio Platform
“As an enterprise software startup we’ve been heavily focused on meetings with Fortune 500 companies. The challenge for us was piquing their interest and getting the right people in the room. Steven developed an approach that combined sales automation and targeted emails that setup high value meetings quickly. The results were phenomenal, with many prospects complimenting us on our cold outreach approach. How rare is that?”

When you’re a startup, there’s a very small margin for error. Every moment attending to the wrong things is a moment you’re moving closer to failure. A moment that your competition is getting ahead. A moment that could’ve been yours.

The challenge that most technology companies face is that they’re operating sales teams using tactics and strategies that either don’t work anymore or aren’t leveraging the full potential of the resources available to them.

Here’s How I Can Help

Outbound email campaigns – After an assessment of your product, market and existing strategies I will craft an outbound email approach for the vertical we’ll be targeting. I’ll leverage the most cutting edge lead generation and email marketing software to leverage both scale and personalization. This is the most popular service I offer because I often double or triple response rates.

Sales technology implementation – The modern sales team is empowered with more tools then ever. From sales automation that allows you to multiply your efforts to sales enablement tools that facilitate better conversations and better touch points. I can recommend, implement and train your team on the best tools to use to get more meetings and close more deals.

Storytelling through sales collateral – The best way to persuade and sell is to educate through stories. Stop touting benefits and features. Stop “just following up.” Instead,  tantalize, engage and excite. I will help you create the right pitch and assets/collateral that will engage your audience and excite them to move forward. These can be leveraged during presentation or used as high value collateral in follow up emails.

Sales training – The best way to improve your sales team is to have a coach examine the details. Your sales team will record a couple of pitches they have with their prospects. I will listen and provide detailed feedback on where they could improve. I’ll leverage the hundreds of hours of training I’ve received on sales methodologies (SPIN, Challenger), body language and voice tonality, discovery questioning and sales process. Sometimes tiny tweaks in the pitch provide the leverage to catapult the deal forward.


Step 1: Strategic Assessment

The moment we start working together, we’ll begin with a review of the current landscape. We’ll discuss your product, your team, your revenue goals, review your existing collateral and outbound emails and I will get to know the space as much as your team. From this position, we can begin to make an assessment of what comes next.  Sometimes the issue lies with pipeline. Other times it’s with sales process. Once we determine the chief obstacles we’ll tackle them and craft a plan to achieve your revenue targets.

Step 2: Process and Technology Implementation

In order to hit your targets we have to have the right process in place. From strategy, to outbound, to presentation and to contracting. Each step along the journey has dozens of mini-steps and by outlining what they all are and having a plan in place to execute them well, we will move the needle forward.

During this phase I will also recommend and implement the best technologies to facilitate your sales process. There are literally hundreds of sales tools on the market designed to enable your team’s success. I am well acquainted with many of these tools and like a good physician, can recommend and implement the right prescription to your problems.

Step 3: Training

Once the strategy is set and the processes are in place your sales teams will have more meetings than they know what to do with. Now the nitty gritty training begins where I can work with your reps to expose the opportunities in their sales conversations that may have been overlooked. Things like body language, methodology, storytelling and voice tonality all come into play here.


Nathaniel Philippe – CEO of iPlus

We came to Steve to gain more clarity on how to better position our products in a global market.  Steve helped us tighten our pitch and sales strategy in the very first session.. He has an amazing understanding of B2B business and think anyone with a tech startup would get value from speaking with him.” 


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