I'm a business development expert focused on helping B2B consultants, agencies and tech companies drive more pipeline and close more deals.


I've helped high growth startups drive millions of dollars of pipeline and opportunity to their business. I’ve also helped hundreds of consultants, coaches and agencies find their irresistible hook and execute a strategy to turn apathy into intrigue and intrigue into revenue.

Working alongside you, my team and I will become an integral, commercially focused part of your team.

  • Strategy & planning
  • Lead generation & new business
  • Business development & marketing
  • Business communications training

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Steve Perchikov

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  • Outbound Campaigns

    After an assessment of your product, market and existing strategies I will craft an outbound approach using Linkedin and email for the vertical we’ll be targeting. I’ll leverage the most cutting edge lead generation and marketing software to leverage both scale and personalization. This is the most popular service I offer because I often double or triple an organization’s pipeline within weeks.

  • Brand Stacking

    The best way to persuade and sell is to educate through brand stacking and stories. I will help you create the right pitch and assets/collateral that will engage your audience and excite them to move forward. These can be leveraged during presentation or used as high value collateral in ongoing campaigns and lead follow up.

  • Technology Implementation

    The modern sales team is empowered with more tools then ever. From sales automation that allows you to multiply your efforts, to sales enablement tools that facilitate better conversations and better touch points, I can recommend, implement and train your team on the best tools to use to get more meetings and close more deals.

  • Sales Training

    The best way to improve your sales team is to have a coach examine the details. Using recordings from your sales team, I'll provide detailed feedback on improvements to approach, body language and voice tonality, discovery questioning and sales process. Subtle shifts in the pitch can hugely increase sales conversion.

If you're serious about business growth and need support with building your pipeline, contact me today:


Shay Rowbottom
Rowbottom Marketing 

Beau Murray
The Northing Group

Adam Rundle


Keith Roberts
Make New Rules

“Steven developed an approach that combined sales automation and targeted emails that setup high value meetings quickly. The results were phenomenal, with many prospects complimenting us on our cold outreach approach. How rare is that?”

Munyaradzi Hoto

SVP of Digital at Idio Platform

We needed to gain more clarity on how to better position our products in a global market. Steve helped us tighten our pitch and sales strategy in the very first session. He has an amazing understanding of B2B business and how to increase sales.

Nathaniel Philippe

CEO of HeyTeam

About Me

Pretty soon after graduating college I learned the importance of being scrappy. The recession had just hit and there was limited opportunity for new graduates to find a traditional job. During that time I was confused and lost. Now I view it as the push I needed to move into entrepreneurship and find a deeper calling. 


I learned everything I could about technology, online marketing, sales strategy and began applying it to my own ventures. I started a successful digital marketing agency geared to brick and mortars and experimented with dozens of other online ventures.


This experience is how I got started working with high growth tech startups 10+ years ago. Since then I’ve worked with and learned from incredible founders, salespeople, consultants and agencies. I've helped over 100+ clients generate tens of millions of dollars cumulatively with my approach to Linkedin, cold email, sales and communication.  


I emphasize a consultative approach that brings value to every client interaction and conversation. That means focusing less on cookie cutter tactics and more on critical thinking and value creation.


I believe a data-driven and goal oriented approach is a must for founders and sales leaders alike. You must set realistic goals and track your progress to attain them.

If you're serious about business growth and need support with building your pipeline, contact me today:

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