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About Me

Pretty soon after graduating college I learned the importance of being scrappy. The recession had just hit and there was limited opportunity for new graduates to find a traditional job. During that time I was confused and lost. Now I view it as the push I needed to move into entrepreneurship, startups and sales.


I learned everything I could about technology, online marketing, sales strategy and began applying it to my own ventures. I started a successful digital marketing agency geared to brick and mortars and experimented with dozens of other online ventures.


This experience is how I got started in startup sales nearly seven years ago. Since then I’ve worked with and learned from incredible founders and salespeople at high growth dynamic startups.


I emphasize a consultative approach that brings value to every client interaction and conversation. That means focusing less on cookie cutter tactics and more on critical thinking and value creation.


I believe a data-driven and goal oriented approach is a must, both for sales leaders, account executives and SDRs. You must set realistic goals and track your progress to attain them.

If you're serious about business growth and need support with building your pipeline, contact me today:

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